“…Sarah Carrington, whose paintings are ostensibly prosaic landscapes with big cloudscapes etc., but there’s something scintillatingly beautiful about them…she’s a funny way of squaring off the clouds which you don’t see in nature, and she has a way of drawing the eye which is quite remarkable…she paints triptychs…and I don’t know what it is that she does, it’s very difficult to define it, she elevates landscape painting.  Everything is in the right place and she’s painting in a fairly sort of traditional way, but she seems to take it somewhere else…to that ‘otherness’…there’s something else going on there.”

Calum Morrison, in conversation with Mark Shiner, Makers, BBC Radio Scotland, 30.1.2020

“Carrington is part of a great tradition of Scottish painters, including the Colourists – artists who respond directly with energy and passion, with strong and bold brushstrokes, yet tempered with incredible skill and attention to detail.”

Ben Austin, Director of Catto Contemporary, 2002

“Carrington’s work draws the viewer into the landscape through an expansive range of marks, from exquisite foreground delicacy to bold movements in the distant sky.  Layers of acrylics, emulsions and oils work alongside inks and chalk to create rich fields of weathered texture and translucent light that capture the shifting moods and spirit of the northern coastline.”

Tony Davidson, Director of The Kilmorack Gallery, Beauly, 2018

“Sarah is an inspirational mentor for this project. As a prestigious landscape artist, with a passion for these northern coastlines, her multi medium paintings are subtle in colour, showing a sense of depth and distance for wide sea horizons and overarching skies, there could be none better to facilitate this project.”

Deborah Logan, Flowerfield Arts Centre, 2018 Regarding landscape workshops in local cross-community schools, funded by the Shared Education Signature Project